Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Blog~

Hello, ladies and gentleman~ Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Gina. I'm a girl in her mid-20's living on Long Island, New York. I work in electronic retail to support myself while I do my best to pursue my true passion: Writing.

My goal in life is to be a published author, probably of fiction novels. It's a very difficult thing to accomplish, but that won't stop me from trying. I just have to find time within my busy life to actually write...

Anyway, that leads to the point of this blog. I always find that I have a lot to say, and while I have a DeviantART account that has a journal with it, I try to keep that page dedicated to my writing and photography because that is what DeviantART is for; to display your art. So, I decided to jump on the same bandwagon that many of my friends have and I created a Blogger account.

So, I'll be posting many things here. Anything from my thoughts on video games and anime to things that just perplex me or piss me off. It should be fun!

So, what shall I start with today? Well, first of all, its Christmas, so happy holidays to everyone out there. My anxiety is rather high today, as I have several family members coming over that I do not care for.

One group of them are my next door neighbors. They've been like family to my father since he was a child, but I can't stand them. They're the snoops of the town, always staring out their windows at everyone. They've always been nice to me, but they've been extremely rude to my mother since my parents got divorced, and my father is convinced that its my mother's influence that makes me dislike them. It really isn't; I just can't stand people who have to be in other people's business.

The others that are coming over are my aunt, uncle, and my cousins. The big reason why I'm anxious about them coming over is because my aunt has a bad tendency to comment on my mother in front of my brother and I, which makes me really uncomfortable.

Anyway, that's basically what's going on for me today. I suppose I should end this on a lighter note by listing what my Christmas haul consisted of this year:

Boogiepop Phantom Complete Series Box Set ~ I got this from my father. It consists of all 12 episodes of the series AND the live-action J-horror movie based on the anime! It even has special features and commentary on both the anime and the movie, which sounds awesome.

Cowboy Bebop The Movie: Knocking on Heaven's Door ~ From my brother. I loved the series and I LOVED this movie =D

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for Nintendo DS ~ From my brother. I'm SO excited to receive this game <3

Rammstein Concert DVD ~ From my girlfriend, Leigh. I don't know what possessed her to get me such a DVD, but I do like Rammstein, so it'll probably be nice to listen to.

Bleach Season 2 Box Set ~ From my mom. I love this anime series, and I can't wait to finish the first box so I can move on to the second. I've seen the entire series so far subtitled, but I'm excited to hear the American voice actors do their thing. Plus, lots of yummy special features~

Robot Chicken Season 2 Box Set ~ From my mom. I have the first season and its hilarious, so i'm excited to see the second one finally!

That's it! So, happy holidays to everyone!